Bespoke WordPress Theme

The website for Wonderhatch, a photography and video agency based down in Richmond, must be one of my most visually stunning builds - helped in great part to the beautiful photos and video Wonderhatch creates.

The front-end has a rather minimal design, allowing the user to focus on the great visuals of the website. Indeed these visuals proved their own challenge, ensuring the website loaded smoothly at desktop and especially at mobile.

Wonderhatch Design Mockups

This build was interesting from a back-end perspective as it required a number of custom post types as well custom taxonomies to allow for the showing of different projects in a coherent way, both by medium and category.

As a huge fan of Masonry and Isotope, I’m always happy when I get to use these JS libraries and I feel they always provide a quality feel when displaying grids of different sized elements and/or filtering these.

This is absolutely one of my favourite builds since going freelance and I’m always up for more challenging yet stunning projects.

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, Customs Posts and Taxonomies, ACF Pro, HTML5, CSS3 Elements, PHP, jQuery, Masonry and Isotype JS, Website Migration, Hosting