I work on a day rate, and per project, and sometimes even for barter.

Day Rate


Hourly Rate


Project Fees

Beyond the day rate, my preferred approach is to work on project fees. This way, there are no surprises on either side - no-one likes surprises when it comes to costs!

The two questions most clients ask are: “How much will my new website cost?” and “How long will it take to build?”

Sadly, the answer is still “how long is a piece of string” but based off my experience with over 30 clients in recent years, I have tried to elaborate on one of my more “typical” builds.

A large number of clients come to me for:

  • A bespoke design
  • A mobile-responsive front-end (what your visitors/users see and interact with)
  • A WordPress back-end, often with some custom functionality relevant to the client e.g. an easy to manage Portfolio or Team section
  • Getting the website live on a server (whether mine or the clients)

Typically, this takes about 8 working days over a 2-3 week period (depending on how responsive the client is). Based off my day rate, this comes to £2400.

Often, clients have their own designs and designers, so the build falls to 6 working days, bringing the costs to £1800.

Again, this is just illustrative but I hope it helps!

Barter and Trade

Obviously this is very dependent on my other paid commitments but I’m really keen to explore barter for the odd project.

Some ideas for trade:

  • You are able to offer free accommodation somewhere interesting/awesome (I tend to be fairly nomadic)
  • You are an artist and want to exchange work or lessons for a website
  • Similarly to the above, you are a fashion designer and able to offer work/lessons in exchange
  • Basically, if you have any trade and are willing to offer work/lessons, I’m all ears

The barters I’m not interested in:

  • Equity in lieu of payment. No, just no.
  • More to follow...

Do get in touch with your own ideas and thoughts and we can take it from there!