And now for something completely different!

In the early Summer 2016, I was approached by the team at ESCEN, a French university that focuses on all things web and digital, to create and deliver a course and examination on WordPress (in English) for a batch of their students in the October/November of 2016.

I enjoy providing WordPress training to my clients with their custom builds, and I have even done some one-to-one tuition for other clients, but actively teaching a course to two 20+ sized classes of late teens/early 20s individuals was a different kind of challenge. Not helped by a range of English ability amongst the students, and my French being somewhat dreadful.

After a challenging start, it was actually a fascinating experience and happily most of the class did very well in the examination.

It is something I would be very keen to try again, especially have learned so much from the first experience. It is also fascinating how teaching something really makes one aware of the limits (and also depths) of one’s own knowledge.

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, WordPress Customiser, ACF Pro, HTML5, CSS3 Elements, SVGs, PHP, jQuery, Website Migration, Hosting