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Bespoke WordPress Theme

This has been one of my favourite builds of 2018 so far. WordPress was created as a blogging platform initially, and though it can do so much more now, it remains so wonderfully easy to make really creative and interesting bespoke blog/magazine websites.

Wilma Journal is the brain-child of Eden Keane and seeks to bring stories from the confluence of place and craft. With such a great concept I was happy to get involved at way below my typical rate - for any potential future clients, I’m a sucker for really creative ideas with great designs and can be swayed to lower my rates for said projects…

Wilma Design Mockups

From a back-end perspective this is a pretty standard build, using WordPress’ native posts and related taxonomies to power almost all of the website. I did use ACF Pro to create a flexible content area for each post and page, giving the authors of Wilma the ability to create unique layouts for each article, drawing from a body of high-quality pre-coded modules,

For all the (relative) simplicity on the back-end, I loved bringing to life a really clean and contemporary design for the front-end. I’m a recent convert to Flexbox and this has been used liberally throughout the front-end.

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, ACF Pro, HTML5, CSS3 Elements, PHP, jQuery, Website Migration, Hosting