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Web Design and Bespoke WordPress Theme

I was fortunate enough to work with the great team at Tomorrow’s Company on the development of a new responsive WordPress website to replace their rather dated (and extremely purple…) old website.

As a leading think tank, based in the City of London, they regularly produce high-quality content including publications, case studies, videos and more. They also blogged regularly on a separate site. The decision was taken to bring all this content into a single website, acting as a single repository.

The team at Tomorrow’s Company provided me with a clear brief and over a number of design iterations, we arrived at the eventual website.

Tomorrow's Company Design Mockups

The new website made use of:

  • Custom posts to allow for the easy management of specific content like publications, videos, etc
  • A clean, simple palette and design to encourage readability, using their brand “purple” as a highlight
  • The inclusion of the Jetpack plug-in to allow for easier social sharing, site statistics and Related Posts

The response has been really positive and the website really stands out amongst its rather staid and traditional competitors.

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, Custom Posts, ACF Pro, Photoshop, Web Design, Responsive Design