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Bespoke WordPress Theme

This was one of the most challenging build from a front-end perspective I have worked on but I am really happy with the results.

This new website for The Clark Partnership was my first project working alongside the great creative and design agency Ascend.

The Clark Partnership Design Mockups

They gave me a mad design with all kinds of transitions and moving parts and I’m really excited to say that we got it 95% of the way there. The functionality also scales really nicely across different devices, from a more stripped-back version on mobile to the rich experience at desktop.

It was also my first time using ScrollMagic, a really powerful JS library that allows for some amazing effects and functionality possibilities on scroll. Indeed it is what powers the main functionality of the website.

I love working on these really challenging front-end builds and always look forward to working with designers with ambitious ideas!

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, ACF Pro, HTML5, CSS3 Elements, PHP, jQuery, ScrollMagicJS, Website Migration, Hosting