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Bespoke WordPress Theme

Working alongside Thoburns, we created the first online annual report for Petropavlovsk Plc, and to great success by all accounts. They received a great deal of interest and positive feedback on this innovative step.

The design, though relatively simple visually, required some sophisticated JavaScript to account for the menu and page scrolling functionality, as well as to create a counter for the “At A Glance” section that responded to the adding and removing of new facts by the client.

Petropavlovsk 2017 Design Mockups

I really enjoyed working on this project and was able to turn it around in just three days. I hope more clients see the potential in using micro-sites to advertise specific events, occasions or moments, especially as they can cost exponentially less than the typical price of a new website.

In addition to building the site, I also continue to host and manage the website on an ongoing basis.

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, ACF Pro, HTML5, CSS3 Elements, PHP, jQuery, Website Migration, Hosting