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Bespoke WordPress Theme

In late 2016, I worked with Justin and the Notion team on a redesign of their website. Notion is a London independent magazine that covers the intersection of music and fashion, and needed a website that matched their stunning photography.

Notion Design Mockups

Justin had created a genuinely stunning design and I was so stoked to take on the challenge of realising it into the code. It was an exciting technical challenge in a number of ways, which was initially surprising as the site uses a lot of WordPress’ native functionality for posts and categories. Below are some of the most interesting challenges overcome:

This was easily one of my most favourite projects from an aesthetic perspective. The design was just so clean and crisp, and yet retains personality and feeling. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, WordPress Customiser, ACF Pro, HTML5, CSS3 Elements, PHP, jQuery, Website Migration, Hosting