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Front-End Development

I worked with Scott Basgaard on the development of purely front-end templates for a challenging WordPress website for the Finse 1222 resort.

It was a great experience and a nice change from my usual WordPress work to do some pure front-end work.

Finse1222 Design Mockups

This was my first experience using the Foundation framework - I consider myself very proficient using Bootstrap, and as a I have progressed as a developer I have found my own modular CSS approach to be better-suited for my needs than these sometimes quite lumpen frameworks. Still, I sufficiently impressed with Foundation that if I had to choose to work with another CSS framework again, I would likely now choose Foundation over Bootstrap.

In addition, Scott requested I use SASS and I was happy to do so. I love the way in which it allows me to further modularise my code around reusable elements and then compile them into a single minified file via Gulp. And who cannot love the ease of management of key design fixtures via variables? I particularly liked the use of mixins to manage typography, and especially media breakpoints.

It was a great experience working with Scott and I hope to do so again in the future!

Key Elements: SASS, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design