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Bespoke WordPress Development and WooCommerce Development

During the late summer of 2015 I was fortunate enough to work with the agency BTL Brands again on an exciting bespoke e-commerce build for a genuinely exciting, innovative and successful chocolate brand - though, spending hours staring at beautiful chocolate bars did not help my diet...

I decided that the best way to realise the incredible designs of the team into a site that would be effective yet relatively affordable for the end client would be to rely on the immense power of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Duke of Delhi Design Mockups

The build is a completely bespoke WordPress theme, based off the designs, as well as the customisation of the relevant WooCommerce files through both actions and filters, and also using duplicate, customised files within the theme structure to ensure easy updating of the core WooCommerce functionality in the future.

Key Elements: HTML5, background video, slider with dynamic product content, WooCommerce, page loading functionality, Bootstrap Grid Framework.