Coconut Ideas


Bespoke WordPress Theme

At the start of 2017 I worked with the London-based fintech start-up Coconut (formerly Monizo) on a new product website for their freelancer banking product.

The designs were beautiful and very contemporary, the Coconut team working with some great external designers on them.

Coconut Design Mockups

In many ways, this was a more ‘typical’ WordPress build for me in that it drew upon my standard repertoire of custom posts and custom fields to enable easy management for the team in the back-end.

However one stand out feature was the infinite loading for the blog posts (in a similar approach as to that designed for Notion magazine), to create a more immersive experience for the user. You can see it working here:

You can also see on the blog page some nice front-end code to make an attractive search functionality.

N.B. Full disclosure - the handsome Features element on the front-page was developed by an external front-end developer due to various technical challenges.

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, WordPress Customiser, ACF Pro, HTML5, CSS3 Elements, SVGs, jQuery, Website Migration