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Bespoke WordPress Development

This is possibly one of my favourite WordPress builds. It is a completely bespoke theme, taken all the way from PSD.

I have been a member of the Camden Collective for almost two years now and it was so incredibly exciting to be able to build their new website, in time for the launch of their brand new space in December 2015. And what made it even better is that I was able to work with a fellow Camden Collective designer, Mehmet Yildirim on it.

Camden Collective Design Mockups

Mehmet’s design was clean, with splashes of colour to seize the attention. It was a pleasure to create this in the front-end. In addition, I brought Masonry to bear in the projects and team sections to ensure an attractive visual display across different devices.

This is also one of my first responsive builds where I didn’t use a framework like Bootstrap, and I am very pleased with the result. Bootstrap is such a valuable part of any developer’s toolkit but it can both be a crutch, as well as a bloated weight on already large sites.

As for the WordPress back-end this site made extensive use of custom posts and fields for the hubs, projects and team sections. In addition, there was also a custom taxonomy created for the projects.

I feel like it is one of my most complete WordPress builds and I hope to work on more such projects in the future.

Key Elements: WordPress Theme Development, Responsive Design, Custom Posts, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Taxonomy