Besixth Logo


Front-End Development

Unusually for me, this project was a pure front-end build with no WordPress back-end - but it was no less fun because of it!

I received a really great (and challenging) design from the agency Besixth, and a list of inspirations for the how the content should move on the screen, and then was left to figure it all out.

Besixth Design Mockups

I’m really pleased with the end result. It feels contemporary and exciting and shows the brand and ethos of BeSixth off in a great way. It was also really challenging turning a great desktop design into one that works across all screen sizes, without resorting to a separate mobile site *shudders*.

I’m always keen to take on projects like this - slightly lower budget but with the possibility to stretch oneself a bit further. As a self-taught developer, it’s exactly through builds like these that I keep growing and developing.

Key Elements: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery